The Impact News

When I started Mercy College in September 2013 I took a class in Newspaper Publication which means I have to write stories, reviews & features for the Impact newspaper. I also have to maintain my own personal column on the Impact’s website which I named “The Still Upper Lip” due to it having a heavy British attitude towards American life and culture.
In the column I decided to try and provoke a response with my writing with my American readership and so far my controversial pieces have sparked up a few discussions.

Writing for the Impact and using my press pass has enabled me to get into a few events in New York City for both my own personal experiences and to write stories. I have been to the New Yorker festival, TechWeek NYC and The New York Film Festival. At these events I managed to talk to very influential people including the Editor of the New Yorker, Vice President of Technology Crossover Ventures and Richard Curtis, the writer of many British television series including Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley. He also wrote the screenplay for Notting Hill and directed the movies Love Actually and About Time.