North Devon Journal

I currently write a bi-weeky column for The North Devon Journal called “From Brooklyn to Barnstaple” recounting to the local people about my experiences in the United States and New York. I know that many people in my local area haven’t been as fortunate as I have to travel around the world and experience a completely different lifestyle, so through my column I want people to be able to enjoy my stories and anecdotes about America but also tying it all back to Devon so that they can relate and just lose themselves in the stories.

In December 2014, I completed work experience for The North Devon Journal. The first story I ran with was a feature based around what Christmas really means to the people in North Devon. I went out into the busy town centre armed only with a pen and my notebook to try and get some ‘voxpops’ from the locals. I put together a double page spread with 15 people all taking about “what Christmas really means to me”.
It was well received and some of the people involved thanked me on Twitter for putting them in the paper.

My second story was based on a motorbike explosion in a shed fire that police were treating as arson. I interviewed the family involved and had a picture exclusive in the garden showing the devastation the fire had caused.  The story was splashed on the front page of the paper.


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