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Vegetarian Pie

What do you do when you invite a friend over for dinner, but they can’t eat meat, dairy, gluten or tomatoes? You panic. The first thought that came to mind was serving a delicious salad with a water garnish and a side of ice cubes, but I think that would be the end of that […]

Arrogant Manchester United are Back

Manchester United are back to winning ways once again and even more interestingly back to their arrogant, cool and dominant style of play.

The Power of the Pill

Contraception has been a talking point for politicians, feminists, mothers, teachers and basically anyone in the western world who has had concerns about sex for many years, and within these talks issues surrounding sexuality, religion and power are always brought up. 

RIP The Premier League.

Long live The Premier League! 

125 Days A Graduate.

Everybody says “University will be the best years of your life” and as you look at the grime in the sink and the frigid air blows through the gap under the front door of your student house, you roll your eyes and agree with them. 

The Refugee Crisis. The Public Perception

Ignorance is bliss. Three words that have defined British Values for hundreds of years.

Premier League Preview 2015 – 2016

We have had our first taste of football this season after Arsenal and Chelsea wet our appetites in the Community Shield final on Sunday and now that the Premier League is only days away, what can we expect from the next 10 months of top flight English football?

The End.

The best years of our lives are coming to an end so what’re we going to miss the most?

Constantly Connected

Sam Neve sent you a relationship request. 

The Future of North Devon.

It’s the economy, stupid!