The Power of the Pill

Contraception has been a talking point for politicians, feminists, mothers, teachers and basically anyone in the western world who has had concerns about sex for many years, and within these talks issues surrounding sexuality, religion and power are always brought up. 

For the best part of the last century, women have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the ‘sexual freedom’ that came with the introduction of the contraceptive pill and now, the attention has turned to the male sex.

Over the last few years there has been plenty of hype about a male contraceptive pill. This would give women the opportunity to avoid any unwanted pregnancies without having to worry about missing a pill or any of the unwanted side-effects.  For a number of reasons, mainly around scientific difficulties and funding, there has yet to be a substantial move from hypothetical to reality.

The male injection however has stepped into the limelight recently and it is looking very promising that this could actually happen within the next few years.


The main talking point at the moment however is the fact that the current study has been cut short due to a number of the male participants pulling out (pun intended) due to a number of side effects they had been experiencing.

Obviously at times like this, social media becomes awash with people throwing around their opinions and having their say on these issues to get attention and a few likes. These people are saying ‘oh it’s about time that men should take the burden regardless of the side effects’ and ‘they can finally go through all the issues we have been going through for decades’ – I’m paraphrasing of course, but the discourse isn’t too dissimilar.


Boo-hoo, a few men couldn’t handle the same side effects women have been having to endure for over half a century, but what if, just what if, this isn’t the right answer? Should women really be placing their trust in men at all?

Contraception is not just about preventing pregnancy, it gives women a certain power over their bodies that over the course of history only a very small percentage have been lucky enough to have. To give up that power and put it back into the hands of men could be a disaster. Guys around the western world are famed for not wanting to use condoms because ‘it feels better’ and now these same guys could just say they’ve had the injection to make girls feel more comfortable about not using one.

They say that it’s better to unload the gun rather than shoot at a bullet proof vest… but if you don’t know if his weapon is loaded, you’re almost definitely going to want to be wearing that vest.


Yes, this injection is great for couples in monogamous relationships who are making the choice to not get pregnant and to forget about the risks of missing a pill or condoms splitting etc. but I believe this is not a solution for people just having casual sex. Billions of pounds/dollars will need to be put into this research before it becomes mainstream and in all honestly are there not better things to be putting this money towards? Yes girls, I know that all of the side effects can make you feel like shit, leave you bloated and covered in spots, but when it comes down to it, this is a problem that millions of women in sub-Saharan Africa and south east Asia would honestly die for.

In the future, I’m sure something will be developed that bridges the gap between us, but for now enjoy your sexual freedom, keep the power on your side of the bed and live your life without having to worry about bringing another one into this world.


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