The End.

The best years of our lives are coming to an end so what’re we going to miss the most?

The real world is beckoning and the last three years of our lives are about to become a distant (somewhat hazy) memory.
There have been countless parties, an infinite number of deadlines and the occasional cheeky Nandos and now students have started to panic about transitioning into the next part of their lives.

But what are we really going to miss the most of our time in further education?

1. Discounts.


20% there, 10% here, we all love the feeling of pulling out a student card at the till to get money off… but now we have to wait until we are 65 to get those kind of privileges again.
It’s such a depressing thought to think that never again can we get a free burger with our McDonalds… oh well, bring on the bus pass

2. Day Drinking. Every Day


Your student loan has just come in, the sun is shining and your essay doesn’t have to be in for an entire week… this calls for a drink! It’s completely acceptable to get drunk during the day when you’re a student, especially if you live in a student city with lots of different places enticing you with delicious deals, that help you get completed wrecked for under a tenner.
It’s perfectly acceptable to turn up to a lecture (or exam) after having a few pints with lunch, but now you’re an adult, you can’t exactly turn up for work with a Jäger stain on your shirt.

3. Waking up at 11am


For every student, late lectures always means a lie in. What’s the point in being productive before you go to Uni anyway? You may as well just stay in bed before you have leave. With all the drinking you do it’s only right that you should let your ever growing mind get the rest it truly needs to function. The sheer jubilation of waking up and seeing ‘PM’ on the clock is the polar opposite to waking up and realising you are late for work, because when you’re a student, every day is a bank holiday.

4. Student Loan


There is nothing better than spending money you haven’t had to work for, it’s like a ‘free’ gift for getting into University! Some like to splurge in the first week, some like to go on a massive three day bender and some don’t actually get enough to have fun with it, but it still pays for the rent!
Now you’ll have to buy a lottery ticket if you want to get some easy money…

5. Overly Procrastinating.


Everyone has a preference when it comes to procrastinating, whether you ‘Procrasti-drink’ or ‘Procrasti-clean’ we all love doing it. It’s hard to do these things when you are on a much tighter schedule at work, with an irritable boss breathing down your neck. Gone are the days of playing FIFA for 7 hours straight, the real world is a hard place… (At least you don’t have to write a Facebook apology when you screw up at work)

6. Time Off


Although students spend a lot of time actually doing nothing, it’s even nicer to go home and do nothing. Christmas, Easter and long weekends are just another excuse to drink more… even though there are probably a handful of deadlines looming, it just doesn’t feel right to be doing Uni work away from Uni.

7. Pyjamas


Sweatpants all day? Perfectly acceptable. Want to wear them to the shop? Yup, that’s fine. Want to wear the same pair for an entire week without changing? You got it… students are just filthy creatures that live in lazy, comfortable clothes.

8. Living with other students.


You are all in it together, no matter what you may argue about or disagree over, it’s always better living with your own kind. You can even go days without seeing someone who lives less than 15 feet away from you and you don’t even realise, it’s such a surreal experience. Whether you’re the housemate who cleans up after everyone, or whether you’re the housemate who never does their dishes, you are all united by one thing. Pre Drinks.

Some may want to put Uni behind them and move on into a career and others will go home to their parents to scrounge until they are kicked out. University doesn’t have to be the best years of your life, but it’s going to be hard to beat.


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