What’s happening at Old Trafford?

Has Van Gaal completely lost his mind? Are United fans blinded by his ego and charisma? Why is Rooney not scoring?

Queens Park Rangers v Manchester United - Premier League

People always say to me that being a Manchester United fan is undemanding, you get to sit back every week and watch your team outperform their opposition and normally win comfortably.
A few years ago this was the case, and when we did lose, we normally played well and the players came out of the game frustrated but they knew what they needed to do to win next week.

Last season, fans will tell you it was ‘transitional period’ after the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson. This year fans have been praising the good work of Louis Van Gaal after bringing in world class talent like Falcao and Di Maria.
This is all misguided because if they were winning week in, week out by playing well then everyone would be saying that the club is flawless and they can live on without Sir Alex, but the truth is, they can’t.

This afternoon we kept a kept a clean sheet, De Gea made a number of excellent saves, Falcao failed to make a huge impact and Di Maria seems like he would struggle to get into a Championship side.
Unfortunately this has been the same story for the last few months and I’m shocked that right now we are happily sat in third place of the Premier League.

Since we beat Newcastle in December we have scored 4 goals in the Premier League. Chelsea managed that in the first half of their game against Swansea today. On paper, we should be the deadliest team in the league, but it seems that these players just can’t work together as a unit. Playing with three at the back obviously doesn’t suit the team and I’m struggling to see why, week in, week out Van Gaal sticks with it? Five minutes after bringing on Fellaini, we shifted formation and went on to score two goals, winning the game.

Arsenal, Liverpool and Southampton are all actually playing well now and if United have any hope of playing in Europe next year they need to start scoring 2/3 goals a game and strangely this starts by playing more defenders.

People said that when Sir Alex left, United would fall. They would no longer be contenders for Europe and would struggle to keep up with their ‘noisy neighbours’ in blue.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if we keep winning games, if we don’t start playing well then the end is most certainly closer than we think. Earlier this week people were saying that Manchester United are going to splash again in the summer and although this has worked for Chelsea and Manchester City, we need to bring in the right people, rather than just the biggest names.

We need a strong figure in the middle of the defence, someone with experience and someone who can lead the team from the back. The name on everyone’s lips is Mats Hummels, the World Cup winning, German centre back from Dortmund. He would be a season changing signing for United and I think it’s unlikely they will sign him in this window, so the spree will have to wait until the summer.

I find it hard to believe that Manchester United will finish in the top four this season, if that is the case then will Van Gaal still have his job come the end of the summer? Without any signings this January, we are just going have to grit our teeth and hope that our team full of superstars and Tyler Blackett start to perform to the standard that we are used to seeing at Old Trafford.



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