An Open Letter

To anyone who is unhappy with where they are in life.

    Firstly you need to know and understand that the people around you will always support whatever it is you want to do with life. If they are family they will understand that you may not see each other for a long time, if they are colleagues they will miss you but they will always help you to further and better yourself in anyway they can and if they are friends then hell they may even come along for the ride with you.

Wether you want to leave home at 22 or 44 it is something that I would implore anyone to do. Everybody has to leave the nest at some point and what is the point of simply flying to the next tree? You have to unfurl your wings and explore the world around you, trying and finding all kinds of new and exhilarating things.

Leaving my hometown was the best thing I ever did and even though my family missed me terribly, I found myself talking to more people, engaging with them and just trying things I would’ve never imagined trying just a few months before.

If you are sat reading this with even the slightest inclination of moving somewhere that will make you happy, what is stopping you, seriously?

You can’t spend your entire existence longing for something to happen, you have to, for lack of a better phrase grab life by the balls and give them a good twist and say, “I’m playing by my rules now.”

I can’t stress enough how much your friends and family will support you no matter what you are inclined to do. Some people go years without seeing their parents and that’s not because they don’t love them, it’s because the parents are comfortable letting their children leave to go somewhere where they are happy.
The world is the biggest, but also the smallest of places. Many of us will only scratch the surface when it comes to exploring, but all it takes is for you to find that one place, that one moment where you just stop and smile because you’re are sincerely happy.

You may be thinking “I am happy where I am right now, why should I leave? I have a good job, great friends, a perfectly mediocre life.”  Look out of the window, it’s probably the same view that you’ve had for years and to be honest it’s probably raining. If you really enjoy that life then fine, but I know there will be people reading this that have a burning desire for cocktails on beaches, high-rise skyscrapers and the thrill of the unknown.

What I’m trying to say is that when it comes down to it, what really matters is your happiness. If the person you are sharing your life with wants the same things and shares the same dreams then why not just say ‘f**k it” and pack up and go? At the end of the day 90% of the things you own are literally just ‘things’, they have no real value in life and when you finally realise that it’s easy to become a completely different person.

Whether you’re reading this letter from Devon, Cardiff, London or New York there is always somewhere else that you would rather be and to be honest there is nothing better than sitting on that plane and watching the little icon blip across the screen, closer and closer to your dream, which is finally becoming a reality.

The world is yours, so take it.


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