This is Controversial.

In Britain and America we thrive on the information of other people and what they are doing with their lives. We are fuelled by gossip of what happened to Mrs Smith down the street and how Mr Jones is seeing three women behind his wife’s back. We are constantly picking up our local papers and looking in the courts section to find out who’s been up to no good. But nothing compares to the way we see modern celebrities. Their world is a zoo that was once open just a few times a year. The years of Judy Garland, Paul Newman, James Stewart and Vivien Leigh are over, we’ve broken down the gates and we are constantly peering in, poking the celebrities with sticks, waiting for something to happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you’re in the limelight it’s hard to ever escape it, this is why so many celebrities choose to exploit their fame and to make as much money as possible from all of the idiots who are willing to pay through the nose for anything to do with their beloved celebrities. I don’t blame them.

You would think by now that people understand that most, if not all controversy is planned? Alright so the scientist who wore a ‘sexist’ shirt during the coverage of the Rosetta Project was just a guy who wore a shirt at the wrong place in the wrong time, but when it comes to celebrities, nothing can be deemed as a coincidence.
I’m not going to go through history looking at all the clever marketing ploys for singers and actors because this is just a mere column, I would need thousands of pages to tell you all about how everything from Marilyn Monroe’s skirt in the breeze to Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars was all part of a brilliant formula to get your money.

I’ll start around 12 months ago when Miley Cyrus had her ‘breakdown’ and cut her hair and came out of her Disney cocoon with a bang. When the ‘Wrecking Ball” video emerged online Miley was on the cover of every magazine, website and newspaper calling her crazy, the video blew up and has now been watched over 700 million times, a pretty popular breakdown don’t you think? Miley also had a brand new album launch just a month later that was all about her coming out of her shell and becoming a woman. The tour that came with the ‘Bangerz’ album was sold out worldwide and looking at the box office figures, each show pulled in on average $1,000,000 a night. Not bad for someone in the middle of a breakdown.

Even more recently Russell Brand is all over the news talking about a revolution and how British Politics is falling apart, did you also know that Russell has a new book out just in time for Christmas, unsurprisingly the title is RLOVEution, all to do with revolution and the falling apart of British Politics? I’m sure most of you will say. “but Sam, Russell Brand is all about bringing down capitalism or something like that”. Most people don’t understand what he is talking about half of time and it works for Russell because then people have to buy his book to understand him.

Just in the last few weeks, I’m sure you all saw Kim Kardashian’s ass all over your internet feeds? Her campaign to break the internet seems to have worked pretty well and I bet you all didn’t know that she is launching her new perfume Fleur Fatale this week?

Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to these celebrities, controversy follows them round wherever they go because they want it to. The mantra of show-business ever since it began in Hollywood 100 years ago is “There is no such thing as bad publicity” and the stars have been milking this ever since. Unfortunately for Ed Miliband, he is the only person in the western world who, even when he has a vast team of people attempting to make anything he does appear to be in a good light, the British people just ignore it and say “look at that funny little man, attempting to take over the country.”

He is still better than Nigel Farage though.


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