Does this offend you?

It’s funny isn’t it, how people are always worrying about offending others? They actually censor themselves when what they have to say could actually be very worthwhile to hear. All over the world people are afraid of controversy, they want their lives to just fly by with no issues, conflict or arguments. Why are people so keen to survive but are frightened to live?

The news in Western society is constantly filled with stories of people who have done or said something that other people didn’t like. A few hundred years ago you could just go out with your sword and fight someone that you didn’t agree with and now the only weapons that people have are their computer keyboards.

We live in a pathetic age where there is so much content out there for us to enjoy but yet people still go looking for things that anger them, just so they can make a fuss about it. Hundreds of people write in to the BBC everyday to complain about something because they really think that their voice matters. Humans are programmed to think that the universe revolves around them and everything they do has a cause to effect, because if we didn’t we’d all just fall into a pit of depression and existential crisis. The need to be heard is rife in today’s society and to be quite honest with you all I don’t really think this is a good way to live.

The Christmas season is now upon us and we are being force-fed adverts of Peter Andre with mince pies, Pixie Lott at the Post Office and Keith Lemon with Cadbury’s every hour of every day. Eventually something stands out and first out of the gate this year was John Lewis with it’s Monty the Penguin advert, a lovely story about a child’s imaginary penguin friend. John Lewis has already received one complaint from a viewer who is worried it will encourage people to buy the animals. Can you actually believe it? Someone watched it and thought to themselves “Well we can’t have people buying penguins now can we? They will shit all over my lawn and then I’ll have to clean it up just for them to do it again” That’s what I imagine the thought process was anyway.

Sainsbury’s however, who I believe created the better advert received well over 250 complaints in the first two days alone, as people believe it is exploiting the centenary of World War One to make a profit. This is just ludicrous in my opinion, the Sainsbury’s marketing team have come up with an idea that is relevant to this year and have used it to create an advert that is memorable and enjoyable. That’s how advertising works.
You have to just laugh at the people who sit there, watch the advert and feel compelled to get up, go to their desk and compose a letter to whoever it concerns. It’s a christmas advert that is selling 5,000 chocolate bars a minute and has all of the profits going to The Royal British Legion. People these days are so single minded that they really don’t think about things like that, they just want to voice their opinion in the hope that something will change.
So what if things do change? What if Sainsbury’s pull the advert and then in protest all other companies pull their christmas adverts too? We will be stuck listening to PPI claims and a bunch of wankers who claim they are injury lawyers for us. No thank you.


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