It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day.

2013; the year of the fox is finally over and we’ve got a lot to look forward to. 

It’s that time of year again again where everybody tries to write the date but ends up writing the wrong number at the end. So now what do we do? We’re currently in that weird phase between New Year and inevitably having to face going back to work or school again. To try and cheer you all up I’ve compiled a few things to look forward to and a few things that I think could happen over the next 12 months.

a086fdd8dd677c707eac2f8773ebd52c1. The end of the road for Facebook.
In the wake of the exodus of Myspace, social networks have been taking over the world for the last few years and the user bases they have built have been thriving.
But has the boom period ended? Everyone who has access to the internet has heard of Facebook and it’s become a second home for many teenagers across the world. But the barriers between the internet and the ‘outernet’ are closing in and it’s only a matter of days before someones grandmother is tagged in a twerking video and all hell breaks loose. In 2014 I think that not having a Facebook account is going to be ‘cooler’ than having one and the people that got rid of it in 2013 are just going to sound like hipsters for the rest of year saying how they “left Facebook before it was cool to leave Facebook”. Teenagers are now embarrassed that they have an account and many of them are leaving to connect through other sites such as Twitter, Vine and Snapchat. Facebook used to be the place where you could organise a party and then share photos between friends after but now, I believe the main reason for the imminent armageddon online is the fact that all of  the teenagers are now being stalked online by family members and long lost relatives. They are now able to get in touch by commenting on everything and anything they can and normally just start conversations on completely irrelevant photos or statuses. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing but for some people Facebook used to be a way to escape from the reality of your family and have an online world away from them. Have you ever tried blocking a family member? They are normally on the phone in minutes asking why they can’t see my latest picture of the Rockefeller Centre… So where does this leave us? Facebook is either going to have to completely revamp and change it’s layout completely, which will alienate a large group of people who like the current format but in the long run it should have advantages when it comes to privacy and censorship. The other option is giving users the option to take all of their content and leave. I would’ve loved to leave Facebook a long time ago but the thousands of photos I have on the site has kept me anchored to it, give me an option to download them and I’m out of there.

So long Facebook, it was fun whilst it lasted.

Fifa-World-Cup-2014-Brazil2. A Controversial World Cup.
Every four years we lose a little bit of hope and a little bit of pride in our nation. England seems to just be getting worse and worse through the years and even though we do have a few exciting prospects we look like minnows compared to the sheer brilliance in the German, Brazilian and Spanish sides. The 2014 World Cup is the biggest sporting event of the year and it has been set up to be a very controversial tournament. It seems in Rio everything that could have possibly gone wrong, has and it’s hard to say wether or not it will all be fixed come the first kick off on June 12th. Every competition seems to get harder as times goes on and no matter who England got in the group stages it was never going to be a walk in the park. They will be coming up against arguably one of the best strike partnerships in the world in the form of Uruguayans, Luis Suarez & Edison Cavani  and I can see things going wrong for the Three Lions early in the group causing psychological problems, I hate to say it but I just can’t see it going well for the English. In my opinion, although the Spanish have been dominant in the last few years, winning practical every tournament they compete in, I think that home territory for the Brazilians could sway it in their favour, if not them then the ever efficient German side will romp their way to victory. 2014 becomes the first World Cup to feature goal-line technology. The ball now has embedded magnetic strips, which send a signal to the referee if they cross a sensor in the goal mouth. This is used in combination with a high-speed camera system which can triangulate the ball’s exact location.
As for the controversy I think that the threat of something going wrong will be ever looming over the heads of everyone in charge of security in Rio. The stadium collapse will always be in the minds of everyone competing and hopefully the staff will act professionally if some disaster does occur.

3. iPhone
It’s a new year and with it as usual come the rumours of a new piece of Apple technology for people like me to dream about for months before the actual unveiling. The biggest rumours circulating as of right now are
“iPhone 6 could boast a 5″ screen with the possibility of curved glass”
“You’ll be able to control your phone using gestures of your hands”
“Extremely thin”
“20mp camera with dual led flash”
“NFC” (hopefully)
“Wireless charging capabilities”

Some of these rumours do go against Apple’s strict ideas and morals but we can only hope that Apple put these aside to give the customer the best kind of experience with their handset. Hopefully quashing all of the bad vibes and naysayers against the Cupertino company.


4. The new World Trade Centre Complex is completed.

After the terrorist attacks of 2001, then-President George Bush vowed that the World Trade Center complex would be fully rebuilt and the skyline made whole again. A competition was held between several architecture firms to design an iconic new landmark. By 2010, however, only a single new building – 7 World Trade Center – had been completed, due to acrimonious disputes over money, security and design of the other buildings. The economic downturn had also slowed the project’s progress considerably.

The following year, construction picked up, with all of the new buildings underway. The new complex would be comprised of six towers, designed by five different architects. There would also be a memorial in the form of two square fountains in place of the previous Twin Towers’ foundations. These would be located in a park at the centre of the development, along with a museum and visitor center.

The tallest of the new skyscrapers is One World Trade Center, previously called the Freedom Tower. Designed by David Childs of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (the same architecture firm behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai) it stands a symbolic 1,776 ft from base to pinnacle, recalling the year in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. The tower is built with several key safety features including a blast-resistant steel and concrete internal structure, polymer-reinforced glass, chemical and biological filters, widened stairs and a more thorough sprinkler system. It also sets an example for environmentally-friendly design: the roof collects rainwater, to be used for its cooling system and, like all buildings on the site, it is heated by steam, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

APTOPIX Sept 11 Construction Glance

5. In 2014 we will remember the 100th anniversary of the first World War of which now there are no living serving survivors. Sarajevo will be a place of remembrance for the Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was assassinated there on June 28th 1914 as it was the event which triggered the war just one month later.

So what do you think will happen over the next 12 months?
Will Scotland vote yes or no for independence?
Will the first gay marriages be held in England and Wales?

and will you end the year by getting a pair of Google glass for christmas?

Happy New Year.


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